American Evolution Project


While interning at Johnson Marketing, Inc. (JMI), I led a team of fellow interns in editing and publishing over 400 stories to the American Evolution stories platform for the Virginia Tourism Corporation. The platform’s purpose is to commemorate the 400th Anniversary of Virginia first legislative body, the First Session of the House of Burgess. Additionally, stories highlight several economic, social, and cultural factors that played significant roles in shaping Virginia’s history. Finally the stories fulfilled the Virginia Tourism Corporation’s SEO needs, proving rich, optimized content that generated a considerable amount of web traffic for the organization.

American Evolution Stories Homepage


First, a workflow process was created to assemble and upload the stories. Story images were harnessed from a visual archive created by the Virginia Tourism Corporation. The copy for the stories was created and implemented after the visual elements were obtained. Finally, each story was provided tagging descriptions, which served as the basis for the four categorical options listed on the home page. Once the necessary tags were provided, the stories were uploaded.